Throat, chest, and gives it back

If it gives you chest pain and back, most likely you have a problem, her internal organs in the chest or spine. What, if any, previously had a disability in this area, e.g. rib fractures, injury, rib cage, spine injury, which can arise from time to time be pain their results.

So pain, a disturbed person for a long time, to give only temporary relief and pain relief, in this case, most likely, the chronic or progressive disease, require emergency treatment. We had some of the disease symptoms chest pain gives back.

Gives back if chest pain: possible causes

chest pain and back pain

Organs located in the chest, quite close together, and the resulting pain can spread to a single organ, else, to give different body parts for example waist, arms, neck, abdomen. Sometimes chest pain, give back, and the following diseases:

1 cause skeletal problems

Problems, skeletal, i.e., curvature of the spine, such as scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis. All of these are only visible defects is accompanied in the later stages, such as, for example, waist asymmetry, and shoulder sash during the sensation of pain and scoliosis. Usually occurs if the chest pain returns, back, person to pick up an arm or the neck sometimes a more convenient location, usually the deformed spine. When you lose a person to have the ability to correct scoliosis in the right position not to long: straight back, symmetrical without any shoulder, displacements of the lumbar and thoracic region, and every year the situation only worse. Also, chest pain, rib cartilage inflammation that can be caused by giving back, or how it is called Tietze this disease. Him somewhere, a switch cartilage (from the beach) of the chest, the seal, the painful swelling. As the pressure increases in her pain, coughing, and laughing. Gives you chest pain, most often back, especially when changing body position.

2 reasons - that digestive diseases

Digestive diseases chest pain accompanied by back pays. This is especially typical for developing cholecystitis, if left untreated, a sudden pain occurs, which spreads to the chest, back and weather wears herpes occurs later, and nausea rises in body temperature is accompanied by a fever. Esophageal spasm can cause chest pain gives back. Breaking character and appearance of this painful sensation due to food intake. Some cancer diseases of the digestive organs observed chest pain, giving back, it is very important to begin diagnosis and treatment be done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, cancer diseases, digestive organs pain is the most common tumor that occurs already a big hit area.

3 cause - heart and vascular diseases

Attack, angina (situation as a result of insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle), characterized by sudden chest pain, back gives. This is left to concentrate on the pain, parts of the body, and shortness of breath, accompanied by shortages, weather, and the emotion is fear. The most common angina occurs, excessive physical activity, uneducated people, more often in the elderly. Also if painful breasts, gives back, then this can be a sign of a serious illness, i.e., massive pulmonary embolism. This disease occurs as a result of lack of oxygen pulmonary artery congestion happens in the gaps. During the attack, a person will be missing, he feels, acute chest pain, and often give back and the breath becomes superficial.

If it gives you chest pain, and uncomfortable, frequently, sensible examination, especially insufficient air is accompanied by symptoms such as him, fainting, or symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract in the name of troubleshooting.