Back pain: determine what to do something like

Too bad, something a person is starting to ache. Each of us live where there is no pain and I feel faster than I want to overcome that feeling, you're healed. But sometimes, the pain itself, and you have to take a series of measures. Most likely, almost without any help us in many cases, the doctors cannot, and, any part of our body starts to hurt, we visit the outpatient clinic to learn more information about its status. In this article, Back Pain is the question, everything is about them.

Any back pain and its causes

back pain

Motionless part of your body, such as a known spin. Regular exercise to ensure your back, to help you avoid injury and damage in the future, exercise on a regular basis. For example, can be tamed and even hand and foot to in a natural way without much effort – this behavior during an ordinary walk, when worn with something weighted.

As you have probably heard most of us, how cold and, if untreated, somewhere within those two weeks itself. Back but as far as I know, this is him, not me. Years of back pain treatment, and never wait for a positive result. If statistics are to view the difference with a chief complaint of low back pain in a snap almost the same amount of people coming, how and SARS. What you should do, your back pain?

The painful emotions you feel, depending on the status may indicate a variety of diseases, spine and other internal organs. To determine the correct way to is a disease, and definitive diagnosis, health care workers have to do some research, get the necessary analysis and perhaps wanted to ultrasound. As you pull back and waist pain. To that extent, chest, legs, and even your wife.

Basic causes of back pain:

  1. Common cause low back pain of neuralgia may be only enough diseases in the field, but also related ones, the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis – a disease, a symptom is completely invisible and single for the back injured the complaint.
  2. Very often may be ill-headed, if a person becomes ill if pleurisy. In this case, acute or chronic, in the process, the patient's lung. A person coughing, shortness of breath, pain in the chest area too often a lot of the temperature rises.
  3. Kidney disease which is one of the reasons that can be back pain. In this case, for example kidney disease or renal failure.
  4. In very rare cases, back pain is called. cancer metastasis to the spine. This severe pain occurs, difficult to endure.
  5. Even in case you may experience disorders and osteochondrosis dystrophic articular cartilage. Massage and reflexology is the best treatment of this disease. You can even use acupuncture.
  6. As time progresses, intervertebral hernia, and the man feels a very sharp pain and is not able to cope with him yourself. To improve the general situation, the patient usually used novocaine blockade.

In which case you need to see a doctor

If I began to notice what an annoying pain and always bother them stronger and frequently irresistible? The emergency inspection is required then the medical institution. Anyone will put you a diagnosis over the phone or over the internet, and very often people meet, the answer you're looking for that's related to health, especially on the internet. To do this, it is not worth it – very very appropriate for self-harm, but also lose your valuable time to visit a doctor available. Therefore, just a personal welcome, a good doctor will help you deal with the disease.

Everyone a correct diagnosis at an early stage for successful treatment. Delay your visit to a hospital able to give you some more progress for you and the results you can processes in the body for the most upset. Such an attitude, your own health, opens from time to time, serious surgical procedures, perhaps even this disability.

It's not worth it to determine for yourself self-diagnosis and to select treatment. You have to delay an appointment with a therapist, and he, in turn, able to guide you the correct way to write it to a delivery expert required for analysis. After that it will just give you put. In this case, the urologist survey's very frequently pass back Disease, orthopedic trauma, X-ray and ultrasound examination.

We're helping ourselves home

back treatment

If you know, how their back pain is incorrect posture have should help. Incorrect posture, as is well known, that creates the tension of the spine that occur as a result of a different pathology. Difficult to find in the position to contribute many hours, sedentary lifestyle.

Need to take care of Health, Exercise, back and whole body. Is a great way to relax back to vic on the horizontal bar. Also good snorkelling, water you can spin as needed our rest, because she takes for her natural situation.

Is very important to know, you stand for a few minutes each day to the wall, positioned to touch her shoulder, hip, and calf, a simple exercise will provide you with an excellent service and a good posture is to work for prevention, protection, correct body position.

Of course, each of us knows that home treatment is very dangerous, but possible and help you deal with acute pain is necessary. It will help you, and even an ordinary shower with water at room temperature, a solid surface traction.

Back pain in pregnancy

Usually young girls in an interesting situation, the resulting back pain. At the end of a particular period, approximately 75% of women suffer from discomfort. In most cases, this provokes a new load and irritating pain because of my back aching. Usually in pregnancy or acute back pain, degenerative disc disease, or kidney disease, the misery can cause just a load.

To simplify their suffering, it is also recommended for pregnant women lie, full maintenance side is a pain. You can apply-to-back dry heat, ointment. Should you buy ointment, the doctor, is very dangerous for pregnant women.

Back pain in pregnancy epidural anesthesia during childbirth women are often the trend where I live. Last effective and safe analgesia method. However, this method which is considered as a medical intervention, there are contraindications and medical complications. This will require the use of anesthesia by using special medical tools increases the duration of labor for a woman.