Back pain, high waist

Back pain, high waist, serious changes in the body signal it can serve, but not the same as suddenly appeared. All depends cause discomfort and timely treatment initiated.

Diseases of the spine cause back pain, high waist

back pain

When back pain, high waist, the causes the pathology of the vertebral column May, of itself, has a complex structure that we lost.

Spinal cord injury, regardless of the department that can give you injured the lumbar region of severe pain. Usually long-term effects of the injury when did the pain start to occur for years, even decades after injury. Cheerleaders of cancer that people can develop because of this happen is a process.

A failure occurs before the development of cancer, bone and cartilage tissue that causes the pain syndrome intensity is the most powerful. Also due to damage of cartilage and bone tissue, many infectious and contagious diseases as a result of degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis.

Because of severe deformity scoliosis vertebral colon creates pulses of pain because of broken bones and it is the backbone of the structure on Nov. Offset intervertebral disc, intervertebral hernia large sizes, a strong spasm of the muscles about the vertebrae nerves to catch the front of motion of the spinal cord.

The highway is narrow enough to pass through border holes, bones, deteriorates because of nerve impulses and is opening immediately causes a feeling of intense pain.

Above waist back pain: causes

Pain syndrome, a high-waist can be a sign that the diseases:

  • abdominal organs;
  • cardiovascular pathology. Most common among these are acute myocardial infarction and angina pectoris;
  • lung pleural effusion, pneumonia;
  • esophageal. Hernia, esophageal, symptom are usually the symptom of back pain, its localization, with a slightly higher waist;
  • urinary system. Renal pathology attributed to them, conjugated bladder. Last big stone (stone, sand) it creates narrow paths of intense pain impulses.

Unacceptable pregnancy a pathological condition of the body, but in this period, the great "restructuring" of the work all the organs above the waist the woman uncomfortable. This situation is usually not serious enough to get used to the pain intensity.

Back pain, high waist, on the right side

Right side abdominal "body" able to produce vital organs radiating pain in the area of high waist. Primarily it must be remembered that this particular process, which we call the inflammation of appendicitis.

Acute appendicitis, in the absence of emergency medical help, can be complicated perforation, intestinal abscess, spilled peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal wall). Because death only a few days or even hours to edit even the slightest doubt, delivery of the patient's hospital.

Correct spinal pain acute cholecystitis acute inflammation of the gallbladder may occur a little higher on the waist. Why this disease stuck on pass math or the hard, narrow of the gall ducts. Violation of physiological bile begins an unbearable pain in the right upper quadrant high waist to give a little more.

The pain risk factors of stimulus Orange

The list of certain risk factors that provoke the pain orange, the lumbar spine:

  • some professions – such as heavy working conditions, we removed related to weight lifting, body sharp turns, more than one tilting;
  • overly emotional sphere. Teens the most common type;
  • poor nutrition;
  • harmful habits;
  • martial arts, sports, and great competition;
  • lack of exercise ;
  • a computer station for office work station.

If any of your own is at risk if the necessary treatment for the spine with the health of the gang to pay attention. Your waist to make logical and endure a large load, courses to strengthen preventive work to be done periodically bone and cartilage tissue, and in some cases, buy, calcium, and vitamin complexes. Then there is a risk that there will be reduced low back pain.