How to differentiate kidney pain back pain

What throat, kidneys, or spin

There are many people who are disturbed by sharp movements in the lower back stiffness. How to determine whether a vague feeling of aching back or kidney? Firstly you need to understand that the symptoms of the diseases, vertebral column and vital organs. This will help an idea that the difference in the sensation of pain. It is possible to identify the main reason for the discomfort. the doctor after examination and a comprehensive description of the meeting.

Different symptoms of kidney pain or back pain

L bouts of pain a person can still time. In case it happens for a long time exposure to cold or draft. Dying inflamed back muscles spasm, soft tissue, provokes pain, back pain, covering a specific spine. Chronic diseases (low back pain (lumbar) of the spine pathologies or complications (sciatica) experiencing bouts of sharp waist.

Key features of pain, back

The main symptoms are problems that arise because of a crisis in the region stating that spinal and back pain Nov:

  • removal of unpleasant sensations that occur during heavy load and overload l (long-term walking and standing for long periods in one place);
  • you may suffer intense pain, the body different movements at a time – tilt, swivel, changing poses lying in a chair;
  • itself largely without the discomfort and completely leaves human motion – sick companies with the same exposure had triggered a bad attack.
Key features of back pain
Attention! Very often the disease is back with a similar development, inflammation, kidney. In this case, analysis of the formation and character of the pain.

Interestingly, back pain, problems, spine, almost no body temperature does not increase. Standing outside and running a manifestation of acute sciatica, inflammation and swelling in the area of the lesion is very large.

A series of diseases are able to provoke sudden bouts of the spine, back. Most often low back pain, sciatica, a hernia bulge l. Offset curvature of the vertebrae of the back, inflammation, tissue and joints, difficulties with Nov when moving the body, lower back. There may be some discomfort after this to give the condition of the body, peace of mind.

Important! Low back pain due to diseases of the spine or an ointment to ease the effect of the time on warming up with the custom of wearing corsets and similar to the discomfort of kidney problems, not eliminate.
Kidney pain symptoms

By giving the main symptoms to understand the problem in the kidneys:

  • studies in bladder breaking (bad lower abdominal pain, painful urine output, sometimes mixed with blood);
  • the problems that emerge stomach and intestinal problems (vomiting, nausea, change of chair);
  • puffiness under the eyes and presence significantly in the area clubs, well-marked after a night;
  • fast tiredness, fatigue and emergence drowsiness.
Kidney pain symptoms
Attention! Kidney disease may be accompanied by back pain, increased pressure, and headache.
The main differences

Bright check, kidney pain, not spin, for a change, urine. That loses color or becomes cloudy. Biological material can be blood, mucus, dark color tone for the purchase of a tea.

Different causes, back pain, kidney disease, may be accompanied by high fever. In this case fever and chills of the spine pathologies.

Different symptoms lies in this event because of the pain, inflammation and not depends on the location of the kidney, body and movement. Whilst low back pain due to spine pathology into the middle of sharp and sudden attacks on Full Tilt, swivel, body, shift pose.

Identified pain, renal, waist not, the localization crisis. Organ inflammation and discomfort on the hand occur more frequently on other lands:

  • side grip part, the abdomen, and pubic region;
  • this мочеполовую from outside the system (external reproductive organs);
  • in the field in the urine;
  • on the inner side of the femoral region.
The difference in low back pain and kidney

These symptoms opportunity herein to describe approximately one kidney or back. In the middle, you can't do it yourself. Real doctor will help you understand why you feel bad.

Private pain for men and women l

A fairly common discomfort in the waist does not apply to, nor the kidneys, nor патологиям back. Мочеполовую system infection provokes inflammation with pain can occur in men falling. Vitamin D can also cause discomfort in the tread.

Weight lifting, exercise, and sports participation is also possible to provoke pain in the lumbar region in men. Then usually by the effect of warming liniment, or friction from a holiday or something more disturbing, it's an unpleasant feeling.

Secretions of women with back pain frequently months. Usually this symptom of premenstrual cycle. If you talk about Obstetrics, which may give back pain, inflammation, ovarian. Discomfort, middle back waist to the middle of крестцу or more pathology in the country kidney. More often all the pain, the lower abdomen or groin резями picture of the character and parity.

Waist seizures themselves can show negative anomaly of the bladder (cystitis) and bile ducts. Except for ailments such back pain, the need for frequent urination causes in women Toilet, испускание difficult and painful urine.

Private pain for men and women l
Important! Back discomfort common during pregnancy. In this case the spine that can cause pain fetal growth due to a large load, or too early to talk about wars.

It hurts to determine exactly what it is, in fact, after a survey of experts. Therefore, seek medical help if any suspicious symptoms are back.

Diagnosis pain back pain

What you need to know to detect the real reason for the seizure waist consult a doctor. Initially go to a recommended therapist. The preliminary examination includes palpation of most severe pain to do and investigate complaints where necessary shall appoint to carry out the analysis.

Does it hurt to side in a renal specialist to determine the part a few light strokes of the palms and lower back. Such a manipulation of a response on the part of any witness exercise the body renal pathology. First, make a clear diagnosis must pass a series of experiments, and then go to a specific doctor.

If a dull ache, kidney or back, the following diagnostic methods:

  • learning of biological material from the patient (urine, blood);
  • infections of the paired renal ultrasound holding or growths on organs, urinary system;
  • tomography (SA and MR) offset in the detected vertebrae the lumbar spine, compression of nerve fibers and the presence of infection in the affected tissues (if any).
Disease and diagnosis

When a comprehensive diagnosis showed the presence of problems in the musculoskeletal system, the therapist sends the patient невропатологу and other professionals. It all depends detected pathologies. In this case, the kidney disease, we recommend that you contact your urologist. Appoint an effective treatment profile experts, will help you troubleshoot a problem.

Attention! It's almost impossible to determine the source of your own pain. Therefore, you should see a doctor, who will prescribe you a complete diagnosis and adequate treatment considering the specs are sick.

Back pain inflammatory processes may show in some cases, kidneys, or spine pathology. In the early stages, the discomfort of another illness or may be the same. Therefore, people are always understandably, pain, renal, maybe the problem is back. Logical reasons pain syndrome low back pain that will help is a doctor. Most importantly, the first signs of discomfort not to run for medical help a disease.