Pain in the back recess

Pain to breathe during

Thoracic pain symptoms inhalation the air-pleura or lung inflammatory processes. Also, a similar symptom may indicate degenerative disorders of the spine (low back pain). Pain in the back recess may be a different etymology. Density, weather signs, factors and features, let's examine the localization of such a symptom.

Causes pain

Back pain and obstacles, take a deep breath, which may occur due to many factors. An acute attack can make emerging between or under shoulder blades, lower back pain, back, right or left. Diseases depends on the localization of the disturbance which causes a similar symptom. To understand why back pain, deep breathing, you need to understand possible diseases.

Sharp attacks many organs pathology is manifest in the chest, upper back. The most common discomfort between the shoulder blades, the chest, under the shoulder blades as development occurs ailments:

  • osteokondrozis;
  • pleural effusion;
  • inflammation, spinal cord, muscles (myositis);
  • rib between neuralgia;
  • inflammation of the lungs.

This type of pain, which causes the acute, goes under the withers. Also, encompass all capable of pain chest. Other symptoms discomfort help determine the cause of back.

Causes pain and breath

For example, cutting services, pain degenerative disc disease that occurs in the thoracic region typical for respiration and movement. This reinforced the discomfort of lifting heavy objects, gradients, gait, a change in posture. Generally, relief comes, resting, lying on a flat surface.

Inflammation of the lungs, severe pain under the shoulder blades, can be seen in the higher temperature 37, cough, and mild dyspnea. A person for a long time pain, chronic fatigue, tiredness and weakness. Then you could have less than the manifestation of back pain discomfort in the right or left. In addition, bilateral inflammation of the lungs may cause pain and in the middle of the back.

Pain between rib capable of manifesting, such as the breast and on the right is on the left. It all depends violations the nerve root between the ribs. It's a strong pain, отдающая back, feels good during palpation. There may be a relaxation, lie on the affected side, i.e. the decline of the mobility plot, the bad bouts will be reduced.

Intense discomfort, deep breathing, caused by malignant neoplasm, lung tumor, a result visible germination protective shell. During this period, acute pain, back отдающая. Sharp attacks left and right upper back manifest the process of the tumor, as well as in the middle of the back. It all depends, sealing malignant degree of localization and development.

What causes back pain of breath
Watch out for that! Oncological diseases manifest as acute pain, especially deep breathing, could result in the next stage of his already. This may seem, coughing up blood, fatigue, weakness.
Low back pain

Most frequently the lumbar spine of a person who is uncomfortable unpleasant sensations. This part of the spine pass the lion's share of all the loads on the spine, therefore pain more than others with different pathologies.

Low back pain may be caused by the inhalation of deportations affected by degenerative processes of the nervous травмированием vertebrae (lower back pain). In addition, acute seizures, and a sharp character (lumbago) if possible, lower in the middle as a result of sciatic.

It should be noted, as well as pathologies of the spine, lumbosacral region sacral and deep breathing pain may occur capable of acute inflammation, kidney stones, infection, disease pelvic. Of discomfort that bowel problems may also arise in the middle of the waist and back.

The output of low back pain pain on the right, go about problems with female organs of the urogenital system may be out of the question. Often have similar symptoms cyst right ovary. With disease progression indicative of a different kind of pain and requires urgent treatment. Can be the same, and the left придатком. In such a case cannot be tightening with your specialist. Ignoring symptoms, and bring damage ovarian cyst or abscess of the feet that, in turn, the threat of serious complications.

Low back pain is to breathe during
Important! Arise frequently, pain, inspiration, during or about the signal is in motion, while a dangerous disease in the body. In this case it is recommended that it be scanned.


A pain changing the severity and extent of crop during deep breathing there could be many reasons. A comprehensive diagnosis is therefore important for cross. During this time, the inspection methods to examine possible factors provoke pain to the doctors we work and learn, developmental level, or disease.

  1. Learning of biological material (blood, vein, finger, urine). Such an approach helps to determine the presence and severity of existing pathology and inflammation in the body.
  2. Hardware-instrumental methods (CT and MRI, ULTRASOUND, radiography, ECG) and an opportunity to have the degree of the disease development. In addition, to assess the state of research to help the affected vertebral segment, or an internal organ, as well as to exclude other pathologies.

Comprehensive diagnosis – collateral, a successful treatment. Only after you find the source, the recess in the back pain, the doctor may prescribe sufficient for a specific pathology to be treated.

Pain diagnosis

Inhalation treatment of back pain

The occurrence of back pain, increases over time, breathing, there are many factors for this to occur. Depends on what provokes him the real reasons for the problem have similar symptoms. In other words, are assigned to treatment after a careful examination and determine the source дискомфортных feeling.

The pathology the treatment is usually detected in the following way:

  • severe pain syndrome (antispazmodik, analgesics);
  • pull inflammation and swelling in the affected area (antibacterial drugs, non-steroidal drugs, relaxers Dec);
  • maintenance, immune strength of the body of the assignment – complex vitamins (particularly effective) medicine group);
  • assignment procedures, manual therapy, medical massage, and a specific diet (depending on the disease).
Attention! Medications prescribed by a doctor is determined to treat all kinds of disease. Expert combines multiple medications. Such an approach allows to achieve a better effect in treating a particular pathology.
A breath of back pain treatment

A sharp pain during inspiration is a dangerous symptom of pathological processes in the body. It's not recommended self-medication and reckless hope analgesic disease, this is lost. Any advice for feeling bad to go back immediately and see a doctor. To start this utility, prevent disease and bad results.