Back pain neck and spine

The causes of neck pain a lot. Associated with can be divided roughly into Nov-Nov apparatus and diseases of the internal organs. In some situation requiring emergency assistance, and even surgical treatment.

Arguably, every one the truth is, exceptional values, both for the health of the spine, and human life. Therefore, nature has always provided the spine back pain syndrome related organ or tissue protective against pathological processes or exposure to any attempt. Similar signals back and neck pain important for timely and accurate response an obstacle I couldn't get the usual rhythm of life.

The main reasons

The main reasons

So the most important reason is back and neck pain will occur. It should be understood, only such signs is an indicator which is a disease. Sure most people pain, back or neck-related dysfunction, Nov, data that comprise bone or joint, body parts. It is mostly true. However, a sufficient argument to contradict this claim number. Can be divided into causes, sore neck and back the two groups.

Nov-skeletal system

Human studies should contain regarding the reasons first Nov-back and neck the skeletal system:

  • myositis;
  • low back pain;
  • sciatica;
  • ischialgia;
  • osteokondrozis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • herniated disk;
  • offset intervertebral joint;
  • rib between neuralgia;
  • scoliosis;
  • kyphosis;
  • the wrong distribution of physical activity;
  • back and neck injury.
Internal Medicine

The second group includes the causes of-related disease, a pain of other organs and systems spreads, the nerve endings in the neck and back:

  • angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction;
  • inflammatory kidney diseases;
  • infectious disease;
  • lung disease, pleural;
  • in the area of the tumor, back or neck.



Then the Code of the person living in great discomfort and pain spine neck. This situation cervicalgia experts. The neck features running easily vulnerable for a number of reasons, Safety deposit his nature. Exactly neck, hair, Nov позвонкам and provides the necessary mobility of the head. In the neck, such as cancers of the esophagus, larynx, trachea, large blood vessels and lymph vessels.

The region most frequently occurring neck pain of the spine, left or right. The most likely cause cervicalgia, spasm, Nov fibers. Dress warmly and stay dry for this reason (draft, cold air conditioning Air flow, injury, and long-term stays однотипной pose (if you have a computer, an uncomfortable pillow during sleep), or a sharp turn upside-insufficient load. Inflammation, strong pain can spread Nov man live arm or shoulder blade. Nov fibers swell, pressure on nerve fibers, in last Nov, the causes, the pain is more intense.

Cervical sciatica

It has very similar symptoms of sciatica as a result of spinal lesions cervical root. Pain irradiate (give) and the movement of the nerve fibers, parity weakness of hands, neck impaired mobility. Cervical back pain is less frequently visible waist. Due to an illness, injury, degenerative spine, whether or not the nerve root in the area of bone tumours in exile.


Back and neck pain may be associated with degenerative spine changes: остеохондрозом, osteoarthritis. Long-term pain disorder is a stupid character-related functions, cartilage, vertebral, thicken, and then the starting pressure on the nerve roots. Provokes pain syndrome osteochondritis circulatory disorder occurs in the brain, chest, arms, back.

Between spine hernia

The reason pain, spine, neck, intervertebral disc hernia maybe. Such a violation of normal activity decreases sensitivity to pathology of nerve, activity and performance, Nov fibers. In this case, a spinal cord injury that occurs numbness in the legs C, arpik function, pelvic.

Lymph nodes in the neck, causes the appearance of the tumor, and varying the intensity of pain syndrome. This behavior is a separate texture because of a violation of blood flow, both pressure nerve endings.

Dangerous symptoms

Dangerous symptoms

Neck and back are always sore, the man works in different ways to cope in its own right is a problem. Right behavior because it may be a pain syndrome, occur suddenly and are extremely busy. However, the caution alarm, and the patient pay close attention to yourself you should seek immediate medical attention because of a real threat to life:

  • Nov pain, high fever in the absence of symptoms of the common cold or the bee;
  • the pain localized to your back, neck, shoulder, chest, accompanied by shortness of breath;
  • the pain is accompanied by numbness or both extremities, the weakening of the power of their Nov;
  • neck or back pain, sharp in character, parity, contractions, advanced when coughing or sneezing;
  • acute low back pain accompanied by pain in the chest and under the scapula irradiate;
  • acute pain occurs in the neck or back, small children or are pregnant.

Prevention and treatment

The neck and back pain usually on the background of a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, often stressful situations, the wrong distribution-intensity exercise. All these prerequisites contribute to degenerative or traumatic factors, violate the normal operation Nov-skeletal system.

Remove the rules to obey, lifting and moving, avoid sudden movements, strengthen muscles with sport and physical activity. An important factor in prevention of spine pathologies, to reduce neck and back struggling with overweight load. However, the food should be rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The application must coordinate with the doctor back pain and neck almost all the drugs. Course of the assignment to treatment should be made after you have determined the diagnosis of disease. Not self-massage, heat rub or ointment. A similar event усугубят if the patient's condition is not pre-deformed complicating the clinical picture of exposure.

Most often for the treatment of neck and back pain specialists, drugs from the group of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pill form, capsules, creams, ointments or injections. Popular drugs includes ibuprofen, diclofenac, emulgel voltaren, Ketoprofen, Meloxicam. Containing active patches that have been proven effective anti-inflammatory drugs: Dolobe, Duraplast, Versatis.

You need to know the status of treatment, parity, back and neck pain, comprehensive and should be slated for removal cause disease. An amateur approach to treatment of pain syndrome, neck and back is invalid.