What a sore neck at home

Any disease or pain and does not occur in the human body everything is interconnected, just so surely this accusation, without any jolt. Modern human used for to contact the doctor untreated pain and the rhythm of life, a hope, what a pain as time passes by itself. Such a nasty disease, neck pain often arises, office workers, athletes, and people are moving less, then, within the body excessive physical activity. When sore neck to endure, of course, because you don't need the earlier treatment begins, the faster you can get rid of the pain and discomfort.

The structure of the neck

Naturally in the human body everything is connected and the neck is impossible without normal functioning of a healthy spine and spinal cord. The seven cervical vertebrae of the neck and vertebral column is the beginning. Nov perhaps with a nod and ligaments, and when broken down the water, or the muscles in this case, the pain syndrome to talk about. In the context, the following components:

  1. Nov trapeze –wing movement.
  2. Belt – Nov- thanks to them you can perform with ease the movements of the neck, Tilt head forward and back.
  3. About Nov Lovato – this link ostis I отростком with scapula.
  4. Musculus erector spinae – long muscles stretching the sacrum bone through the head of the entire spine.
Nov using may be a contraction of the border and neck are three kinds of own composition:
  1. Motor nerves have the ability to shrink yourself without any help to anyone.
  2. Motion skilled many different sensitive nerves and manipulation.
  3. Ensure the functioning of the diaphragmatic nerves, Aperture.

The neck is full of blood vessels using the oxygen, tissues and cells are protected punishment. Naturally, tumors and other tumors that may cause impairment of blood flow.

Any pain


Characterized by neck pain and a variety of characteristic sensations. The neck plays an important role in the human body, your head and provides an overview of the increasing motor function. Also mounts, that provides vertical body position head and spine. Sore neck, it can be strange, even movement, a sharp turn or tilt. Such neck pain is usually fast enough it works. Sometimes the discomfort continues, by the end you get used to the people around him, and starts whining, not just the neck, however, and spine – and then you must to learn what happens neck pain:

  1. Acute pain can occur, and abrupt rotation or tilt. At this point, Nov, put pressure on the cervical nerves and the man feels зажимаются and strong ligaments, and tendons.
  2. A stupid pain character appears, as a result, long lesions, in the spinal column, muscle spasms, and fatigue.
  3. Sometimes the pain appears suddenly and authoritarian governments.
  4. There is a tense air, spine, arms, head, shoulders.
  5. Very sore neck and head during movement.
  6. Numbness, the body of the plot, reduced sensitivity.
  7. Related diseases on the throat and neck, respiratory.

The above type of basic sensations when confronted with this annoying pregnancy symptom. It may also be a pain to swap, and how that affects other body parts grow heavier.


Must look for the source of pain, and always full necklace connected with it is the backbone of the Department. Modern medicine, for now, knows so much about what the reason may be, this is a violation of without a valid treatment because you cannot assign the causes refined. The causes of neck pain may be:

  1. Accumulation of salts in the colon that may be caused by cervical vertebral neck pain. Cervical osteoarthritis is a very common disease and as osteokondrozis, young and Old of all ages. So, this disease is clearly heard-breaking drive, in severe cases, cervical motion loses, swivel head very hard.
  2. The muscles in spasm. Why steel neck and spasm in the muscles of the patient if the pain has the character of the education crisis. Felt stronger especially his head in return. In this case, the pain itself or pain relief medications after the retreat.
  3. Hernia is a serious disease affecting the shoulder girdle, spine, neck less afflicted, but its share of the above mentioned body parts by applying pressure.
  4. Operating conditions. Sitting, working, I'm raising violations of the sparse shift the position of the body at risk.
  5. View of the tumor. View the tumors - this is the most dangerous processes. Naturally, his instructions and push forward on this subject of modern medicine, treatment of benign tumors, however, malignant tumors develop the disease and wants to withdraw at any time. Examination is absolutely necessary in this case.
  6. Myelopathy – spinal cord the result of trying infringement, injury, infectious diseases and various infections.
  7. An accompanying disease of the skeletal system, bone and cartilage.

Many factors and reasons and wondering: "why does my neck hurt?" the man disappears and no one knows where to even begin examination and diagnosis.


Any pain in the body must resolve. Whatever it is it hurts my neck? Of course, to contact the doctor to put a clear diagnosis and an effective treatment and determination ... and preferably experienced. That can help with the following experts:

  • The doctor the injury, the podiatrist or surgeon.
  • Is a therapist.
  • Rheumatologist.

This basic medical profiles, who gets in a treated area pain, cervical.

Collection of initial diagnostic blood tests and urine tests (biochemical and common) to install the various components of pathologies. Increased white blood cell count, protein in the urine blank, and much more – this is a fact many disorders it's working parts. Studies on detection of illness, and is sure to get tests.

Additional manipulation enters the list:
  1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. A predictable job, muscles, nerves and blood vessels to check blood flow for assessing soft fabric. MRI is a very informative research method.
  2. Computed Tomography helps to discover the damaged places on the neck, disc pathologies composition into account.
  3. Electromyography. Quests, nerves and nerve irritation by using an artificial stimulant, acts on the nervous system and neck.
  4. The X-ray image makes a clear photo field and seven vertebrae. Running multiple accesses is a more accurate review.

All sources easily occur, such studies are carried out using modern tools, its causes, and why it hurts my neck and what should I do in this case.

Able to evaluate the situation the doctor by the neck inspection and palpation:
  1. Evaluates reflexes, sensitivity to scene, Nov contractions.
  2. Touches the neck is deformed to install the parts.
  3. Examines, neck and head.

Effectively, diagnostic ultrasound, vascular, neck spasms, which is fixed on the brain and how the brain works, and blood in your show any neoplasm.

When it comes to infectious diseases, affecting the neck, tightening with the treatment because the infection can spread and be fatal is not the same as in the case. They live in an environment that has the ability of a study doctor's prescription bacteriological, and bacteria.

General blood analysis shows increased white blood cell count is made in the body which fight infection.

During occipital neuralgia pain, often enough to the middle of the neck – this is what it says, what muscles, nerves and ligaments, they are pushing each other. Be patient, motor and rotational movements to perform hard, like a numb head neck. MRI and diagnosis of this disease is SA. Why not when if it is loaded occipital neuralgia doctor put the CAN in the first degree.


Then, diagnostic methods, pain, neck, and the reason for its occurrence, a doctor to diagnose and assign proper treatment. Currently very treatment methods, but the main and basic always remains the same:

  1. Mandatory medical drugs.
  2. Physical therapy gymnastics and culture.
  3. Massage courses.
  4. Physical therapy.

In addition, the advice of doctors, folk medicine apply. In most cases, he gives the desired positive effect and reflected in the body.

Drug treatment

The group used the following drugs:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Diclofenac, Nimesil. They prevent pain and spasm, to move fast and keeps for a long time the effect of the pain. Pills and injection solutions that will be much more effective for the Nov.
  2. Narcotic analgesics, morphine, codeine. In the event you use them just did not work, because these drugs are very powerful and NSAID treatment has significant side effects.
  3. Vasodilator drugs – you are able to improve them, and the structure that contains the blood, blood vessels, improve blood flow and prevent bleeding.
  4. Chondroprotectors – capable increase metabolism ingredient had inflammation in tissues and organs. With their help, the patient is in a location when the required amount of necessary organic and inorganic components.

Such a question, when you won't get up to the throat and neck, all the doctor's advice stick with a intake Data Tools.

Gymnastics and physical therapy

It is not recommended to perform exercises in gym moments severe pain, this pain only intensified, but from them it is possible to facilitate measures during the period. Which will be useful for the following exercises:

  1. The boat neck, shoulders. 20 times, 2-3 approach.
  2. Rotary the side of the head. 20 times, 2-3 approach.
  3. Press in a circular motion. 20 times, 2-3 approach.

This basic pain is a syndrome that performs work. They are perfectly temper to deal with it strengthen the muscles, blood.

Massage and manual therapy

Without a massage anywhere today, so the course is 10 procedures for cervical tension in the muscles that would be sufficient motor function are removed during normalization. Rubbing the side of your own movements and разминать neck, neck.

Massage Physiotherapy methods

Effective physiotherapy methods are executed under the supervision of a physician and admission of the pain of withdrawal. Used electrophoresis, laserotherapy, and shock wave. Their action is directed, i.e., nerves and tissue healing happens after the third book.

Able to get rid of the neck pain, any treatment they give effect in any way. The pain slowly fading away, and is completely lost at one point and back is a long time. As such, a preventive measure the advice of doctors make more movement in the morning, exercise and proper nutrition into the body for the victim all the necessary trace elements.