Then sleep, back pain, lumbar region: main causes and treatment

Not only you feel good and peaceful sleep and provides strong performance in a day. He also is an indicator of Health. Often people complain of sleep then something back pain in the waist area. This situation cannot be ignored, because there's always a reason harmless.


In an uncomfortable position

At the level of the spine and neck during sleep must have happened between them for visually draw a straight line. If it pulls back after waking up, why in the first place to search for a settlement. Must be in bed, thus the motion of the spine and vanished is a thriller, too hard and too soft is not suitable so ware.

In addition, it is important to note body position during sleep. Back pain, discomfort to provoke emergence in the following position:

  1. Lying face down. On top of that the back muscles creates an additional load voltage of residence forcibly and frozen.
  2. Lying flat on your back legs. Bending of the spine increases at the expense of what occurs l, Nov by vibrating spasm pain syndrome.

In the first case, proposed to remove the head and place under the pillow, under his belly, put his knee under the second. But your position, sleep posture, embryo – lying, legs bent. In this case resting the spine by purchasing a natural turn.



So, the upcoming sleeping, it's true, but it bothers the pain. In the morning you regularly pulls in the waist, intervertebral discs may be caused by pathology. Human, остеохондрозом pain, skeletal, less is on the move, and at what cost becomes more vulnerable to different physical stress. In the same position for a long time only makes the situation worse.

What most people complain about a sore back after sleep diagnosis of the lumbar area. This is a sign of a disease and the first symptoms.

This aside, pointing to him:

  • feeling constantly tired, appear, then even slight physical activity;
  • back pain the weather is obvious, blunt;
  • the waist, visible at almost every opportunity the situation uncomfortable or a curved body;
  • sneeze or cough accompanied by acute back pain.

When you are prompted data symptoms need to consult a specialist. Then, diagnostic activities that the meeting point for the most appropriate treatment scheme may include:

  • hand therapy and reflexology;
  • massage courses;
  • medical gymnastics.

Usually, the patient then stops and then sleep in the lumbar region of the back due to the strengthening of Nov girdle and spine.

Kidney disease


Only a doctor can be set to why back pain in the morning. Osteokondrozis or pyelonephritis most frequently diagnosed in practice. Recognizable pain on a character. In the first case, make attempts immediately after they appear, any movement, the second is missing the relationship between physical activity and waist discomfort.

It's also the following symptoms pyelonephritis women and men:

  • tremor;
  • high body temperature;
  • frequent urination, the dying process itself suffering.

These the patient's condition, characterized by heavy. Women developed pyelonephritis symptoms include: swelling, severe burning urethra.

The disease is very insidious: often these years that has already passed the hidden flows and a chronic routine the next time I accidentally taped scene.

Importantly regular time pain in the lumbar region in a short time, consult a doctor. After receiving the results, urinalysis and ultrasound throws, antibacterial treatment.

Between the vertebrae hernia

Degenerative disc disease is often a complication of this disease, however, may occur for other reasons. Spinal mobility due to the reduction in the lumbar region of the back at night to sleep after it hurts much stronger, happier.

Essence is pathology: a hard disk shell deteriorates under the influence of any factor. Develops cracks him through the liquid, compresses, nerve and spinal cord. In this case, disk protrusion, recalling a compressed balloon.

Lumbosacral spina hernia – most commonly occurring disease приходящийся a fraction of all cases 80%. The pathology can have a wide variety of reasons: an unhealthy lifestyle, and degenerative disc disease and serious injuries.

Lumbar herniation of the spine symptoms include:

  • pain, breech or foot отдающая;
  • occur less frequently, feeling of numbness in the extremities.

Edge treatment with this disease if it cannot, this is fraught with serious consequences:

  • cardiovascular system people with a business;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • radiculitis;
  • chronic bronchitis.

Paralysis of limbs rises from time to time during the working phase and the risk of stroke.



Development, pain syndrome in the lumbar region inflammatory process of the pancreas with always advent. Can occur at any time of the day, but more powerful manifestation in the morning after waking up. Pancreatitis pain and the air, silly, all l опоясывает. This is the difference, other possible pathologies of this disease.

Other symptoms of pancreatitis include:

  • there was a significant pain syndrome in the upper abdomen, after lost the tools to rent or spasm, analgesics;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • deterioration of general health;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal system;
  • appetite;
  • fast body weight reduction.

The disease is difficult, often provokes the complications that arise:

  • abscess, pancreatic;
  • internal bleeding;
  • diabetes;
  • peritonitis.

No treatment can be fatal.

Is an inflammatory disease of the spine between


The emergence of this disease is characterized by degenerative changes to joint, spine, resulting in a sharp decline in his mobility. The reasons may be the outside as pathology (extreme physical stress) and internal (genetics, autoimmune processes, etc.).

Inflammatory diseases of the spine between the main symptoms are as follows:

  • low back pain in the morning immediately after waking up, is a long time to disappear;
  • movements and discomfort in this area while rest of it can be uncomfortable;
  • tough, joints and spine.

Are made with the treatment of disease, pharmaceutical, gymnastic exercises and orthopedic products.

Other possible causes

Back pain is not only uncomfortable in the morning due to the presence of the above diseases. A regular view because you can have the following conditions and pathologies:

  • inadequate physical activity;
  • mental and emotional disorders;
  • malignant neoplasm;
  • pregnancy;
  • inflammatory processes of the urogenital system;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • excessive body weight.

In any case, you should consult a doctor. It helps to understand why in the morning back pain and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.


First aid

In a short time with a few exercises to get rid of unpleasant sensations. After you sleep, back pain and in the lumbar region, how the treatment – the doctor tells. Task gymnastics – density temporarily to reduce the symptoms are pain, does not exclude the necessary doctor visits.

After waking up you should do the following exercises:

  1. Foot for foot, back muscles weaken opportunities. Вогнуть need to breath up, a breath – go back to the original position.Repeat 20 times.
  2. For this position you need to take at the same time, first the left leg and right arm forward. Then you must swap them. Repeat 20 times.
  3. Bend your knees when lying on her back. To position your hands throughout the body. On the exhale, slowly raise your pelvis, breath – lower.Again, 20 – to 30-fold.

The workout data service prevention, diseases such as allowing you to keep your energy high-level status throughout the day.

As a result


Complaints of low back pain, then sleep in the morning – not uncommon. It is important to understand as it may be a sign that the wrong service selected in the sleeping area and is symptomatic of a serious illness. The pain occurs regularly, a specialist, a diagnostic result based on the most effective treatment plan and a prescription required to the point.