Right back pain: possible causes

Each one of us come across at least once in their life with back pain. This symptom passes soon and usually that does not cause yourself too much anxiety.

However, back pain is right in the middle with an enviable consistency, the body signals to listen to advice and see a doctor immediately.

The information collected is presented below to determine the symptoms of the primary disease, however, able to make a correct diagnosis only by qualified personnel.

Right side back pain: weather and density

Men back pain

The pain in the lumbar region can vary for a number of diseases, urinary, reproductive, nervous, circulatory and respiratory system diseases.

The pain is usually localized in the area where pointing to an unhealthy body, therefore, such as pathology or anywhere else. But sometimes back pain can occur, and the pain a distant organ.

Regardless, her character can help restore pain the private fully understand.

  1. cramping – usually associated with a significant reduction in hollow organ Nov.
  2. Hard – pull he's talking about the outer shell of parenchymatous structures.
  3. Growing – usually indicative of inflammatory processes.
  4. Acute, usually specifies a space, any education, nerve entrapment. Also, talk back right side sharp pain and clogged arteries, radiculitis or intraperitoneal bleeding.
  5. Shooting – related problems or spinal cord peripheral nervous system-the brain, thoracic degenerative disc disease can cause the presence.
  6. Pulling – problems with the intervertebral hernia, degenerative disc disease, the intervertebral disc can occur because a signal or inflammation intervertebral joints.
  7. Sore – most frequently occurs in physical load and in a short time passes then great, but nagging back pain may be right which is why he's so harmless, and spinal cord or spine tumor.

On the right side back pain: localization

You can try to determine the cause of the pain depending view. An accurate diagnosis then you can definitely expert as well as a full survey, however, you will need to contact specialist to understand the pain of dislocation, which can help the first place.

  • In the middle of back pain on the right side is located. Possible cause kidney disease.
  • Back pain under right paddle. This neurological problem usually wears weather (a result of pinched nerve). Additionally, you should pay attention to, and to talk about their own light because it can be such a symptom, if you have a cancerous tumor, bronchial or lung pleurisy or pneumonia.
  • Back pain under right rib. In this region, liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Therefore, the business in this violation of any of the organs may cause pain. The pain subsides and lasts a few days accompanied by fever, vomiting, nausea, there's a possibility that cholecystitis. This can sometimes be very painful, chest, right shoulder, or shoulder blade. Advice immediately calls an ambulance for suspected cholecystitis.
  • Lower back pain right. Such a pain may indicate pathology and the localization of intervertebral hernia, spine education. Another possible problem – diseases of the urinary system. In the last case, the patient tried to get in what position, and nothing it's not easy to bring him, the pain weaken.

The causes of back pain right

As stated above, back pain can show plenty of disease.

Here is the main reason for the following classification it is such a pain.

Diseases of the digestive system

Acute cholecystitis. A sharp pain, a few hours up to several days. Localized, usually in the area over the redness. ""To give the piece right chest, right scapula, shoulder, shoulder. Her often accompany with fever, vomiting, nausea, zeltusnost ' leather, right hypochondrium pain and abdominal muscles on palpation in the field voltage.

Disease of the respiratory system
  • Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), and moderate or acute chest pain or shoulder blade. Pain also may increase with deep breathing and coughing. In addition, such pain is usually accompanied by fever, cough, and wheezing lung;
  • pneumothorax sudden intense chest pain radiating device. For typical trips of pneumothorax graphy fall on the side of the lesion and listening to no noise;
  • "dry" pleural effusion with a cutting pain, right chest pain associated with respiratory movements;
  • cancer, bronchus or lung. Weather and the severity of the pain depends on the extent and localization of the disease. So, when it drops, dew point: easy congratulated the scapula, or shoulder pain;
  • with chest pain the pleura that may occur in the affected Party during germination, greatly improved breathing, body movement, cough, and in case of Defeat, qui inter costas herpes nerve pain character usually wear.
Urinary system diseases
  • Renal artery thrombosis or renal colic;
  • a retroperitoneal hematoma. Characterized by sudden pain, back pain, an unknown patient in anticoagulant therapy before import;
  • kidney stones;
  • violation urine output.
Curvature of the spine
  • As a result of incorrect posture for a long time disturbing the body physiologically for this location. The thing is, be persistent, can be caused by incorrect posture, spinal deformities, and as a result, uneven distribution of the supporting load of the spine Nov.
The disease in women reproductive system
  • The inflammatory process pelvic;
  • tumors and ovarian cysts.


Woman holding and waist

Back pain in pregnancy spine pathology have been left as in the case of harmless, chronic, and kidneys.

The thing is, the child's mother for a short period of weight quite quickly recrutamento, therefore, the load pulling on the back muscles back pain and this may be the result of regular increases to the right. Inconvenience to lose weight should walk as much as possible, and have the opportunity to benefit from the pool unnecessary.

It's not impossible, why why back pain may have spinal injuries.

Acute low back pain: is it worth panic?

Sudden back pain may indicate often, if necessary, emergency treatment, and even surgical intervention. In such cases, speed may be connected to assist in the life of the patient. Therefore, special attention urgently for symptoms the borrower which help doctors:

  • sudden constant sharp pain on your back;
  • acute pain beneath the ribs;
  • strong pain, lower back, with weakness and dizziness, loss of consciousness.

Right back pain treatment

Any medication without first talking to your doctor is not recommended because there are many vital parts that focused on the right body. Emergency pain relief for relieving pain syndrome.

However, this doesn't solve your problem, just forget about him for a short while. For this reason, advice if you have back pain on the right side of consult an expert will review your medical history, spending, and if it finds a number of absolutely tested, why this pain. Then what a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment assigned.