Back pain cause back pain?

Sciatica, low back pain, infertility, sciatica, cervicalgia,... torakalgija medical terminology - many, a symptom is back pain. Back pain, neck pain,... under the wings people today are suffering them - Legion.

Back pain

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2/3 of the world's population who suffer from back pain. Research indicates that people between the ages of 35-45 Ages, the frequency of back pain approximately 66,3%. In this case, 25% of people back the infringing work and even reduce this pain significantly, social status.

Conventional medical treatment for back pain

Classic medical (alopati) developed many treatments back pain: medicine, physiotherapy, manual, surgery, etc. But all these, in general, are divided into two broad categories. The only symptom of the first group of the vehicle, relieve pain, spasms and inflammation.

The second group of techniques to work with separate structures of the body in the first place, the different sections of the spine. Abnormalities generally recognized because the main causes of back pain, spine, dystrophic-degenerative spine disease or weakness, Nov corset. But even in this case, the intensity of back pain that Orthodox doctors admit, in most cases, not connected directly with a degree development diseases of the spine.

According to statistics, back pain treatment, spine pain syndrome the underlying cause as well as 50% of cases either doesn't work at all, or only bring you temporary relief.

Why the measure is ineffective? Doctors, osteopaths claim: in such cases, the cause lies not in spine pain. And if it's not difficult to get rid of back pain, make an accurate diagnosis.

Osteopathy back pain treatment approach

Osteopathy an integrated approach to preaching is not limited to, examination of specific symptoms or specific body parts. The human body is a unit, and may be sick of the spin, for some reason, completely bone tissue with the appropriate status. This long-term trauma, surgery, passed the disease to the internal organs, infection, inflammation, chronic stress, energy imbalance, lifestyle and profession. load There are several factors and most common in.

Common causes of illness:

  • In children occurs more frequently or visible light from the beginning due to back pain, birth trauma, or later falling due sacrum, coccyx during Games or sporting events. Then serious signs of a trauma because I noticed that during hard when it comes mom, a child that remembers downs.
  • Adolescent back pain as a result of past traumas that may appear on a background of hormonal adjustment. Strong growth of adolescence that occur in a horse race, all of the body structures of time under them a tune. This issue may occur if the body suffers spine twist, no mother, no child, even a guess, it's not about him.
  • A woman before the age of 40 usually pain, back pain, pregnancy and childbirth much more frequently the reason for this. Strong realignment of the body such as hormonal and mechanical that happens: the chest expands, the diaphragm down, her internal organs shifted. During birth and inclination angle directly displacing the sacrum, and the coccyx. Softened joints, ligaments. And not all the time, then get yourself back to the starting position of this structure.
  • Men after the age of 40 begins and the complaint is back pain. Normally by this time already in the body age-related changes Only Nov-corset an adult and child bond is added to injury injury, Yes, and home situations such as stress, that are passed to the operations. Visible often creates stress and diseases of internal organs in the body, the balance is changing.

In all these cases, only bone and skeletal muscles associated with low back pain, fibers, regulations, internal organs, blood circulation, work, nervous system. Settings such as the spine and allows it to adapt to changes in the balances until they may be. Usually the real reason for the violations is located completely in the wrong place hurts. The task of the doctor - find and accurate diagnosis of the cause.

Turkey emergency back pain treatment methods

Defining the causes of human disease process, anatomical features is considered to be organized is not required; birth details (unborn itself, or artificial methods), how was the year for the period passed as birth, childhood, whether busy. All these factors, thus affects the development of disease.

Forward special technician, the expert examination of pain the plot itself with her delicate hands. Detection zones of tension, spasm that creates "traction" - pull structure of the body, including the spine, side a natural situation. Remove front osteopaths technician with special, tension, withdrawal spasms.

Back pain is different and supposedly proven biomechanical disorders of the postural system of the organism. A walk to keep the body vertical position that is responsible, in such an environment, the attraction of the world still, is not easy.

The postural system of nerves, muscles, ligaments, components, skeletal, vestibular system, inner ear, organ of vision, hold the base of everything determines the location of receptors, the area of the body. The violation of a delicate balance of system malfunction or other item, and this is an unnatural development of the situation will lead to back pain.

The doctor, osteopath, wielding the postural system diagnostic methods, may reveal potential abnormalities and eliminate them. For this reason, Turkey emergency techniques effectively regain mobility, balance and equilibrium of your body, eliminating back pain and when to treat is not the only reason helps.

Research activity in the treatment of back pain, osteopathy

Institutions of Saint Petersburg held in a study of 140 patients diagnosed with the disease Nov-the skeletal system" and "low back pain of the spine". Everyone was there, back pain and movement restrictions. The control group was taken as standard drug treatment: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and relaxants on Nov. The main group took the emergency treatment of Turkey. Age and disease severity groups are not that different.

The best treatment results were evaluated and 55% of patients basic (bone) group (50% control), satisfactory - 34% of patients in both groups. Within the group of patients this bone improved body balance, increased motion speed and amplitude of a blank.

In other words, in most cases, the methods can reach a safe alternative medical treatment osteopathy back pain.


Chiropractor tips

In many cases, view, back pain can be prevented. This value is to observe a few simple suggestions.

  • If the child is too hit and fell, and was injured, necessary, to make a survey as early as possible if you need X-rays. Logical pass routine inspection, the expert . Even though the pain has gone quickly, the effects of the injury will occur in advanced age.
  • An intensive period of restructuring and growth in the young hormonal system, The general practitioner or a podiatrist to show the value as a preventative measure. You need to test it, posture, position, leg, pelvis position. The cost of a minor breach, lesson, bone fix, and then growth and development will be compatible. This greatly reduces the risk the disease will come back.
  • You must restore women just after giving birth. Exercise, physical therapy, to provide physical education remove the spasms, however, the situation for improving specific Nov. Or even, complaints, prophylactic during a self-kırıkçı for those who want to leave the city a series of special exercises that can get.