5 diseases, back pain masked

The fans know the value Hot the patient dorsal to the origin of their pain and the reality may be quite different warming thing in such a situation, simply do not work, and sometimes dangerous. The problems that can cause back pain pelvic organs. For example, women associated with painful menstrual periods (causes) inflammation and spikes and attachments of ovarian cysts, endometriosis and ectopic pregnancy requires urgent already. Warming in all of these cases, is strictly prohibited.

Learn, everything all right using ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Where to go with back pain?

back pain

Back pain is traditionally accepted in our country go to the doctor-a neurologist. This is not always true, and surely the backbone of pain "show" any one of these expert – exercise physiologist doctor, a surgeon or a general practitioner.

The prostate gland

When you are prompted for men, back pain, and I have checked the condition in a while it's worth remembering prostate cancer. The thing is, the pain can be chronic prostatitis symptoms, just lower abdomen and perineum, but the waist – and this usually takes place at the same time.

If I have back pain, old, male, and unknown status of the prostate, a urologist spectacular.


Often low back pain and kidney pain back for him may be to any relationship. Why is this a pain of questionable value on the back side, approximately in these places, where fall handful, you can take them back. Kidney worth thinking about more, if my back hurts. But regardless, the character of the pain – pulling or, on the contrary, cutting, – if he appeared in the lumbar region, the kidneys, you need to check anyway.

Urinalysis and renal ULTRASOUND will show the good and.

Not brush!

You definitely see a doctor

  • if back pain persists, what time go to bed, and at night, my back hurts;
  • the back pain improved body temperature;
  • appeared in any pain in the spine after injury;
  • you are at least 18 and more than 60 years;
  • recently moved to the infection;
  • also back pain, numbness in the legs signs;
  • acceptance of hormonal drugs;
  • cancer early treatment.


Pain orange (people often described as "it hurts between blades") may be related to a person with a business cardiac – acute myocardial infarction. A particularly disturbing symptom: pain is accompanied by cough or any trouble breathing. Not that advanced, as in neuralgia. In case of urgent need, the pain and the sore spot in the show never fully shed most, if not depending on his character poses (usually a response to pain in the spine, your posture may reduce, or you will get stronger if you change body position), that change never rubbing or massage, such as pain and more pain, back instead of the chest. All this, he says, "in favor" suffered a heart attack.

ECG and other cardiac tests at least in cases like this you need to do, if it's an emergency.

Digestive system

By the digestive organs can be sick of the spin and disadvantage. For example, the pain of acute pancreatitis is symptomatic of the alleged skirt, just a sore back under shoulder blades of the body such as belly time and in this place nearly wrapped hoop Iron. To give you may be under the shoulder blade, and the pain, in fact, attached to the gall bladder stone. Back pain sometimes returns, and intestines. However, in such cases, also pain, income, and other like symptoms, guess what you can, where it hurts, actually. For example, food intake or on an empty stomach or ulcer pain is always affiliated in any way later hits him a meal. Cholecystitis is usually in the mouth is bitter. In the same manner as any other illness and for a portion of the intestine: pain, certain there is usually anything else.

To clarify, actually, right back pain, symptoms, pathology, digestive system, the same methods used for the diagnosis of digestive diseases, ULTRASOUND, gastroscopy, blood tests, stool, etc.

How to understand, how much spine

A universal description of back pain, and many settle: this is osteochondritis. In fact, this is not a disease and describe diagnostic and all that, I was just stating the truth: the degenerative processes of the spine that occur with age that can be identified in virtually any person. In reality, not even the pain internal organ involvement that can be connected to a mass related cause: this problem can be the spine, intervertebral discs, muscles, nerves, spinal cord, brain, etc. MRI can usually give comprehensive information here, however all research will be conducted that surveys the advice of the doctors – especially without direction, working to control their own money "at once". Cervical MRI is performed for each section of the spine, orange, or lumbar, and to see exactly what you need (whether you need and in general) knows only a doctor.

However, the value is in the mind it is not always possible to explain that the cause of low back pain – sometimes a question, why it hurts, and remains unanswered.

This may cause back pain and

  • Lifting and carrying lifting;
  • Hours of driving machines;
  • Uncomfortable bed;
  • Standing and sitting a long while;
  • Obesity;
  • Stress and depression.

This prevention:

  • Exercise the back and abdominal muscles;
  • Another seat lumbar support;
  • The ability to customize in a car seat;
  • Correct weight lifting (support feet);
  • A good quality bed and good pillows;
  • A normal weight.