Causes of low back pain in the lumbar region and

Low back pain can occur in women and only in adulthood, but too often young. To wear them a picture or a nagging, aggravated mobility and gradients. The reasons of low back pain in women pain in pulling down for many, can be a pain, a manifestation, a disease may provoke a completely other factors.

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Dorsal disease – the most common cause of low back pain in the lumbar region and

Sense able to think in the first place the lumbar pain , joints and spine.


Bone density to determine their power. After 30 years decreases related to the hormonal changes a woman's body the metabolic. So, in this case the male population of men and women more than 5 times.

Osteoporosis is porous bone tissue, fragile. A high risk of a serious fracture that occurs as a result even a slight fall may remain a man who is bedridden elderly.

Reduced bone density in the elderly, usually deficiency, calcium deficiency, hormone – or senile osteoporosis senile osteoporosis. The most common symptoms, diseases, pain, lumbar. Also, maybe curvature of the spine, distortion, and posture. The disease is usually taped when you refer to the doctor about the patient fractures. To occur if more shards on top of the two – I mean, a big probability condition osteoporosis.

As a preventive measure, women 45-50 years recommended for evaluation of bone density – bone mineral density and showing the operation of a mass.

A osteoporosis treatment medications, calcium and vitamin Dhelps absorption of calcium in the body. Also the corrected diet, nutrition and physical activity.


In defeat, joint damage, cartilage is called osteoarthritis. Chronic as the disease progresses gradually by purchasing air. All elements of the path to irreversible joint destruction and deformation of the cartilage - arthrosis.

If the pathological process takes place in the area called the lumbosacral spondylo-osteoarthritis. Edges, joints formed bone growth, nerve endings that affect numerous waist. As a result, the very people who have to work to lose can develop pain syndrome disability until the end of his life.

In women, the disease will occur as a result of internal and external factors:

Excess weight
  • joint injuries;
  • the overload or in the course of professional sports;
  • overweight – increases the load on the joints;
  • hormonal changes;
  • metabolic.

Risk factors applies to hereditary predisposition. One possibility is joint deformity increases with age.

It blends with the age factor after age 50 in women, menopause, compound, degenerative processes in bone tissues. The reason is installed, considered to be secondary to osteoarthritis. If it is not clear why he appeared, his name is primary.

Because draw back impossible torn cartilage and structural changes in the joints without surgery, conservative treatment, to reduce the load in the regulation of metabolic processes of osteoarthritis and bone.

Necessary to get rid of the extra weight, avoid lifting heavy weights, in the acute period of the disease conform to half-bed rest. Applied for pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Arthritis is called the inflammation of the joints. Very similar symptoms to osteoarthritis, osteolysis, osteoarthritis symptoms and its causes. The difference is severity, inflammation. Arthritis pain joint inflammation that occurs initially, and already after a period of time as it progresses in the chronic form, deformation, wear, cartilage, joint immobility.

Wear inflammation is often acute, resulting in the trigger factors (hypothermia, transfer, weight lifting, SARS). Warming ointments and gels helps to relieve the inflammation and alleviate the situation, the burden of activity has been reduced and may go through a period of.


Regular back pain can be due to dystrophy, intervertebral discs – degenerative disc disease. Squeeze blood vessels and nerve endings the lumbar spine lumbar osteochondrosis with a flat and tired drivers.

The back mobility with restriction in women and other symptoms and complicationsassociated with blood circulation:

  • fail a menstrual cycle;
  • irritability;
  • increased sweating;
  • general arrival;
  • cold, a tingling sensation, goose bumps, lower extremity;
  • sleep disturbance, fatigue;
  • committing a violation of the genitourinary system.
Sleep disorder

Questionable osteochondritis further diagnosis, prescriptions, X-rays or computed tomography in the lumbar region. Install causes the disease to occur. They are the same, and osteoarthritis.

The cause of employee illness, a broken vertebra, the process becomes chronic and cannot be returned. Stop the progression of the disease and reduce pain syndrome, as well as standard tools, utilities, Special Orthopedic corsets with harsh highlights.


Degenerative disc disease is a frequent complication, the inflamed tendon, nerve fibers between the spine – back pain.

Sciatica may appear and due to other reasons:

  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • intensive sports training;
  • strong stress;
  • infection.

Advanced the pain in this disease a sudden change of position, sneezing, cough. This disease may occur throughout life. Medical treatment does not have a significant effect, therefore, women are more often directed public roads: / steam bath, warming compresses and, as appropriate, belt, wool, herbal teas.

Disc herniation

The result may be acute low back pain , intervertebral herniaoccurs when the disc between the vertebrae the nerve root displacement and pinched them. Why emergence hernia, scoliosis, low back pain, injury, tumor, tuberculosis.

Early – for a couple of years it can be a pain, dull and collapse in the supine position. Hernia increases is changing the character of pain – shooting, and that nagging, spreads, pelvis, and lower extremities. Nov constant pain because of not so fully spazmiruyutsya stretch, emerging twisted dorsal hump.

Watch out if the herniation of intervertebral discs and run, this is why spinal cord injury and paralysis of death in Kabul.

As a result, all of the diseases listed may occur back pain back lower back pain – infertility. This acute pain syndrome, amount, why you're a few weeks early on disability.

The disease the internal organs, genitourinary system

The uterus the patient may be not only spine and joint problems. Located in the lumbar region, kidneys, i.e., inflammatory processes occurring and urinary tract can also cause back pain. This situation, generally, it's a pyelonephritis and acute kidney disease , which is characterized by a nagging pain.

Between a rare cause of pain, but still encountered that can be note: acute pancreatitis, aneurysm, aortic.

Air manifest gynecologic endometriosis back pain – inflammation of the lining of the uterus. The cycle of violation this pathology may be accompanied by bloody secretions, lower abdominal pain pulling.

Such causes, treatment options, and in the lumbar region to a particular organof a pain effect.

Physiological causes

Necessarily pathological processes that arise as a result of back pain. Physiological changes in the body and very prominent in women.


During pregnancy, obstetric, and related causes of back pain:

  • hormone regulation;
  • lonna bone deviation;
  • low threat;
  • increase in body mass index;
  • the pressure of the uterus, neural spine;
  • false labor pains;
  • birth is the beginning.

Necessary the nursing mom in the future, and later fill the deficit of nutrients and trace elements anddependent status Nov-skeletal system.


Back pain of one month a natural phenomenon. Hormone an effect on them, re-organism. For the first start of the critical day, the uterus may damage due to the deposition of fluid in the tissues edema and training.

Big tits

A person a gift of nature for someone is the source of these problems. Chest, four and more dimensions that has a solid weight.

His to keep, to be, an upright spine, ligaments and the muscles in your back are constantly tense. Such "training" is not useful, it creates uncharacteristic, stress on the jointscause the back may develop the disease listed above.

Big tits

Excess weight

Overweight – this is a big test for the spine and other bones. This harmful health condition of the cartilage and intervertebral discs. Obese women always chronic joint disease, and sometimes a "bouquet". Start and weight loss with get rid of degenerative disc disease treatment, arthritis, arthritis, sciatica.


Menopause plays a huge role in, in case Joint. At this point back women disease has already accumulated, they coşar. Same, who could prevent, joint problems, Youth, old age, necessarily you'll have to confront them.

Estrogen and progesterone the main female hormones. Their production is dramatically reduced during menopause, the re-work only the body. Because only the effect of sex hormones in the sexual organs. Estrogen, for example, the state of regulation affects the nervous system in the skin, breast, bone.

Cause back pain in women home

This is for internal reasons, in which the lower back of the throat includes:

  • for prolonged periods sitting in front of computer or tv;
  • transporting heavy items;
  • drafts, cooling;
  • work in the garden of the slope;
  • physical activity;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Surprisingly, lower back pain, uncomfortable is equally as lazy and active people unnecessarily. The girl pinned and climbs fitness results, gym, have found a moment in astonishment osteochondritis. As such, a muffin, dumplings, eating, sitting and TV all day.

The wrong seat

Meanwhile, on the couch, it is not only important how much they live, but at the same time. In high school, teaching all to observe a direct stance. This is a great value, Disease Prevention, chest, back, including curvature of the spine. Upright posture also allows normal blood flow and nutrition to bone activates many metabolic processes, cell renewal, youth and health to keep for a long time.


Cold which can trigger inflammation in joints and internal organs such as kidney, uterus. Navigate complications, and chronic disease. The girl has always taught that mothers are to be protected from drafts, cold, wind, and sit on cold surfaces.

High heel

High heel

Beauty requires sacrifice, but the victim may be wearing a large heel. Curved fingers, heel spurs, and, of course, problems with the spine – expected for these fashionable and stylish girls high-heeled shoes.

Constantly wearing high heels, respectively, in uncomfortable shoes provokes deformation joints, ankle and foot. As a result, walking, load is distributed incorrectly, an entire skeleton, including the spine.

Weight, heavy load-carrying

Torn back to easily carry heavy furniture and bags to endure her husband with the help of a repair or plaster. Women rarely feed themselves, and as a result health suffers.

Buckling occurs when lifting lifting, back. Current acute pain may occur due to any chronic disease back, what stimulates a big load too.

Appropriate physical activity, a walk in the air, swimming, the correct operating mode, and the holidays during to eliminate the negative factors and avoid lower back pain.