Back Pain Under Ribs: what should be done?

Human bone, with nerve fibers, blood vessels, many organs such as the space between the ribs. When a person under the rib pain coming back – it's an excuse to think about your health.

You may be feeling the symptoms of this specific disease. This not only causes pain it can't be an expert to understand.

Rib pain syndrome provoked the disease

Illustrates the frame from an internal organ disease that causes the painful symptoms or the beach, the tissue around:

  1. Bruises, chest, strokes, fractures, pain, boring, why, deep breathing, raise him.
  2. Pathology of the spine: low back pain, a herniated disk, spinal vertebra with significant back pain, rib.
  3. Intercostal neuralgia is a painful sensation that causes increased breathing movements.
  4. Inflammation of the lung, pleura cause chest discomfort in different places.
  5. Tumor.

Modern diagnostic X-ray, ultrasonic inspection, permits, definitive diagnosis, and prescribe treatment.

Sometimes a sharp turn, changing the position of the body, can cause a huge load on morale pain syndrome, spinal column, ribs. This is a sign of sciatica, especially gives, hip, leg.

Bruises, fractures

The characteristic injury occurs pain:

  • The causes of injury, first a sharp pain then that would be nagging. Somewhere visible injury, tooth decay, which does not suffer.
  • A broken bone, rib and jeans accompanied by severe pain, back pain, can be felt the entire breast.

Characterized by three types of fractures:

  • It is only failure when cracked dice.
  • Broken time periosteum remained.
  • Completely broken rib bones are dangerous, internal organs damaged in some parts, lightweight.

The symptoms of a broken discomfort, deep breathing, speaking, or even to change the body, not to mention physical exertion. May be, the violation of the heart rhythm, then the human skin turns blue.

Severe pain in back, ribs, accompanied by hemoptysis lung injury is a broken bone.

Intercostal neuralgia

The muscles that move every bone, the spinal cord and nerves. When nerve irritation, visible, poignant, searing pain. Sometimes back pain more often that it bothers the left or right breast with two sides.

The two points formed by acute pain, possible clicking on them to caress, hotels, hotels sternum and the spine. The reason is, compression of nerve or stress Nov.

The edges of a gap between the time of injury may be the result of compression deformed. Unpleasant sensations of stretching, Nov, gradients, motion and shrugged.


The disease is most often occur as a result of the inflammatory processes the back applies osteochondritis degenerative changes in the spine. Observed back under ribs back pain syndrome.

That may increase as it progresses, the affected nerve. This aching pain in the chronic form, during the acute phase, the disease is back pain occurs. The patient difficult to move, bend, turn, of being forced to a posture.

Autonomic neurological disorders, and the vascular system why unexpected pain, she looks like a man, what's throat, all the back and rib bone.


Symptoms include: horse racing pressure, respiratory failure, palpitations, angina, bowel irritation, insomnia.

Rib thoracic intervertebral hernia causes discomfort, primarily is not very strong.

It increases over time, when the pain becomes unbearable, ribs, back, on both sides. The sensation of pain may occur, neck, extremities.

Osteoporosis, a disease that occurs because of low calcium content in bones. Typically, this behavior occurs with aging, metabolic processes in the organism, time of violation, are poorly absorbed, vitamin D, calcium in the intestine and food.

The process of bone destruction increases, the ability of the restorative decreases. Feeling the resulting pain, back below the ribs due to fractures occurring on more than one microscopic.

As a result, the sharp edges of the bone display irritation of the skin, eyelids, rich nerve endings.

Lung disease

Slightly open ports in the pleura, the ribs closely adjacent to the frame. A large amount of nerve endings penetrate her, the irritation in various diseases.

Pneumonia and right-sided pain is characterized by increased cough, shortness of breath. Why are you such a feeling of dry pleurisy, sore ribs, back, on both sides.

Malignant tumors

The tumor could be cancerous – osteosarcoma this. The emergence of these diseases aching in pain, you can wear drilling, painting character. Sometimes the pain of the night only to manifest a certain body position.

The tumor usually manifests itself in the ribs begin to ache for a long time, shot from behind and any way after an injury.

The presence of a suspect she may not be sick, tumor and as a feeling of pain or a blow, even if you show up somewhere you may see swelling, you can caress. Diagnose illness with the help of biopsy.


Read this article for general information only and should not be used to self-diagnose health problems or for medical purposes. This article is not a substitute for medical advice for a doctor (neurologist, internist). Please know exactly the reason for the first doctor, your health issues.