In this process the waist and a sore foot: causes, symptoms, treatment

Different back pain just uncomfortable lately old, but very young people. The situation that can be explained by a sharp decline in motor activity, decreased immunity, unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, all vital organs are affected, including the human spine.

back pain foot giving

Unlimited access to our citizens instead of for the deepening situation, drugs, sports, and constantly to follow for health, the painkillers and most people to get the treatment ends. As a result, over time, a big problem, the treatment of the disease is delayed, time and cost much more expensive. Low back pain, which may be complete or partial loss due to disability, feet disability. However, even in mild cases, significantly lower quality of life, patient.

Why are you visible in low back pain, foot giving

Without an understanding of the causes of the disease I can't get enough of a solution. Lumbar spine pain for education and understand why that will be revealed only after the construction.

The most common cause pain, swelling, nerve bundles, fleeing the spine. Allows for a specific joint that is close to the nerves, don't move. Serious compacts edema, nerves, the brain runs and they are constantly sending signals that they are about a pathological condition. This reaction of the nerve compression of the beam to minimize the risks to them more a way of making painful movements that attempts to block the development of pathology.

Triggered a mechanism in the body's self-protection, hurt people he tries to walk to spend more time in a quiet situation. The body gives an opportunity for peace, eliminate swelling, and back of the spine in a physiological situation. Accordingly, it is reduced or disappears completely, edema, no longer handcuffed to the nerves, the brain does not send alarm signals to the pulses of pain does the patient move around without any problem.

But this is only in these cases, when the body by mobilizing internal reserves, the status of a cause without medical help to eliminate edema. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, usually a special treat edema can't go through. Many pathologies may occur as a result of the above clinic.

Motor nerve endings

Stay on your spine, many spinal roots, resulting in pain syndromes compression them. Such a phenomenon very often observed in patients with osteochondrosis. Increases, pain increases the pathology, any transaction that are confusing and complex situations.

Table. Disease form

A form of the diseaseClinic description
Nov-tonicNerve endings irritation of nearby tissues due to the different processes have changed. Fabric, is located in the space occupying nerve endings, which causes pain. There's like a nagging pain is the most common.
VascularUnpleasant feelings arise due to the contraction of the development syndrome. Spasm that may cause the development of degenerative disc disease Nov. Sudden crisis body with no visible cause or appear later folded sometimes embarrassing, weight lifting, etc., and external causes – long-term exposure, sharp turns excess body weight fail weight lifting.
Vegetative-vascularLegs not only hurts, but in the arms numbness, tingling in the feet can be felt, it is incomprehensible, cold or hot. Long-term pain, as the heart rate increases rapidly, the skin pales in the face.
MixedDiagnosis very often, this explanation by doctors in an inability to identify the causes of your pain.

What factors increases the risk of disease

the causes of pain

Transmitted from a foot sciatica back pain is called. It is not the disease, continuous clinical specificity, only preliminary findings will allow us to do in the first place.

There are several factors enhancing the risks pathology

  1. Long-term foot, particularly the shoes, high-heeled shoes. In this case, the natural bent of the lumbar spine, the vertebral load increases, the intervertebral discs can't handle the increased load of rain and to change its configuration. The increased diameter of the outer shell and squeeze the nerve fibers to the spine. Doctors strongly advice to provide the spine the rest of the time, sit down, change shoes, make a small fee to strengthen back muscles. Nov system strong to keep afloat for a long time what is the load weight is reduced at the expense of a human spine.
  2. Pregnancy and excessive weight. Weight increases during pregnancy, but women and natural twisted vertebrae. Doctors recommended to be carefully monitored during this period if, after the birth of any history of illness all its own.
  3. Professional sports or heavy physical work. Load should coordinate with individual capabilities.
  4. Pathology is the backbone of the development of congenital. Pathology may increase as it grows and is critical for achieving values. Scoliosis is usually due to lack of calcium a growing body of income. He also is digested only when vitamin D under the influence of UV light. The result – an active lifestyle, regular and long-term outdoor activities, to a large extent reduces the risk of disease.
  5. Protrusion of the intervertebral discs, herniated disc, osteochondritis cranes. Very often this pathology being due to back pain, keep up with to give. Most of the patients sent to the hospital and learns there exactly these symptoms when after taking her an actual diagnosis.


The main symptom is pain and limited movement. Changing of body position only the intensity is increased, decreased discomfort only complete alone is sick. While walking through the foot pain is increasing to the extent that the patient always pulls him. If the status is running, well, that's a different posture, the patient leans forward and simple robot.

Doctors claim that it is a benign condition and never Re-Born Before Cancer. With timely treatment, the prognosis is quite optimistic, but it's not worth to prevent the disease progress. The earlier treatment begins, the more in less time to achieve a positive result.

The first entry is advised to reduce physical exertion to the limit and drink the liquid. For three or four days if no pain, treatment for the necessary medical institution.

Especially if you may need to be treated carefully, in such a case appeared after various spinal injuries, parity, warmth, redness, leather waist. Distortion, sensitivity, and ejaculation irregular urine the emission of a signal to the leg and pelvic colon immediately a comprehensive review of health status, Service a constant environment.



On the first visit the doctor learns about the patient's signs pain the first time, for some reason, to change the status of the dynamics. Is not considered a disease, that requires treatment of the underlying pathology and the local reason. Radiological studies the patient not necessarily on a channel, magnetic resonance or computed tomography. A clear visualization gives you an opportunity to focus just affected doctor make the right diagnosis and develop the most effective treatment scheme.

Pinned how pain

Persistent or recurrent pain creates a problem for many people and significantly decrease quality of life. Treatment is recommended for Disease as the underlying cause, eliminate the pain, then these suggestions to the modern world, it gives medical. But with any manipulation is strictly prohibited without special spine examination, medical equipment, in this way, the affected physician to visually see a socket to receive the only true solution. Most modern devices three-dimensional image, eliminates the possibility of error. Of course, your doctor appropriate professional knowledge.

Just make severe a healthcare facility, entered a home with two medications: local anesthesia for pain relief and hydrocortisone treatment effect. Hydrocortisone to relieve inflammation and swelling, and to promote full recovery.

How severe

  1. Preparation of the patient procedure. The patient lies on a special table back up, disinfected with iodine workspace.
  2. Special apparatus can be adjusted so the input field on the monitor clearly visible in the plot of drugs and pain.
  3. The doctor enters the needle with the syringe and feed continuous observation of actions in problematic medication.

Low back pain and leg it passes in a few minutes. Other treatment methods for sending more and more patients, and to live a healthy life.


The patient is recommended bed rest during an acute exacerbation of symptoms, different medical tools that are used to relieve severe pain. If you have limited fluid intake to reduce edema, spasm, Nov, Nov antispazmodik is assigned or relaxant.

Unfortunately, this cupping have is rarely used. There are two reasons for this:

  • modern private health institutions with extremely low hardware equipment. For edema, which should be a new X-ray that allow you to perform all the manipulation online. The doctor sees on the Monitor only the affected area of the spine, at the same time, clearly everything motion control syringe. To make such an observation if not, the biggest risk extremely negative effects;
  • medical preserved the tradition of the Soviet Union, which is regarded as a patient for the pain in a natural condition. The anesthesiologist in our country still is drawn only when perform complex operations. Anesthesia does not translate the word, in developed countries a long time ago during the surgery the patient only ease the pain at the same time apply it to a regular therapeutic treatment. Live without pain – the motto of all the advanced clinics. Following the slogan, safely pain cease them the slightest opportunity, independence, their location, and which is the reason why. Only in such a case, the patient more than is done in terms of treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment

Medical science recommends that massage, manual therapy, mud baths, vitamins, herbs the body. All the listed maintenance promote, improve blood flow to the affected organs in pathology. Improved blood flow stimulates the process of renewal of tissues and backbone instrumental in the rapid growth Nov. But all the operations you can perform after the symptoms of acute illness.

Surgical treatment

Used in extreme cases of inefficiency or a proven drug therapy, there are big risks a sharp deterioration of the patient's condition. Discs partially or completely damaged during the operation is deleted.



Tips different specificity – any sport or physical activity and living a healthy life is a busy tonic. You have to set the load, age and sex is not the purpose for, and put in order to great results, improving health. Consistently follow the advice of posture, if necessary, correct the detected deviation.

When it comes to folk remedies in the world, in any case, with the red clay was able to modify completely broken spine, no verify effectiveness of birch tea, kidney stones, pain relieving, black radish, agave juice, etc, it should be noted such as the use of ways led to a postponement of visits to the doctor when the disease progresses, and treatment require more time and financial resources.