Back pain in the lumbar region: why, what and how severe back pain treatment?

If believing the statistics, 70-80% of the population at least once in the life of our country, faced with back pain and the lumbar area, or medically, lower back pain. England prevalence Of 59% in Denmark and 70% in Finland — 75%. Between all granted "hospital" in our country, accounting for a third of cases, back pain.

back pain and back pain

Various causes of lower back pain can be psychogenic factors in cancer metastasis. Fortunately, a serious pathology, accounting for more than 5% of cases, the main reason for lower back pain — excessive fatigue or spasm and Nov other Nov-skeletal problems.

Any low back pain in the lumbar region and

Another organ, such as back pain, are varied. Most often the character of the pain — the first sign is the assumption that the doctor can do, which in nature is a disease.

Origin of back pain you may have:

  • primary — caused by chronic dystrophic changes or functional, tissues and muscles of the spine, sometimes with the participation of neighboring structures — the roots of the spinal nerves.
  • secondary — created, trauma, inflammation, arthritis or arthrosis, intervertebral joints, internal organ involvement.

Period pain can be:

  • acute occur the pathological loss or a new state emerging are, in essence, about him, lasts up to 6 weeks;
  • subacute — lasts from 6-12 weeks;
  • chronic — duration no more than 12 weeks.

Clinical findings typical source of pain varies.

Nov-tonic and other pain syndromes

Hypothermia, inappropriate posture during business or holiday constantly faulty motor stereotypes, degenerative spine disease, intervertebral disc height and flexibility in varying road, load, muscles are distributed irregularly. What happens constantly in overload, is not there for nothing, on the contrary, needed to get load. As a result, the individual begins to spasm in the muscles, pain seeking. So called the effect on the trigger point increases, and the spasm and pain. Characteristic features of the pain:

  • clearly demarcated plot (local pain);
  • Nov deep a layer of felt;
  • Nov I can feel tight plot, where points are fixed to the floor or especially painful;
  • when exposed, these points on why the pain has increased significantly, patient, don't be shy (jump symptom);
  • limited movement;
  • if a failed Nov stretch — pain decreases.

Which is exactly such an excellent hot or pains ointment is a popular fixture. Right, effect them in the short term because the why, what, causes, Nov spasm, it does not eliminate them. A more reliable method, injection, pain relief medication, directly to the trigger point, kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy.

Compression radiculopathy

Why a slight disc herniation or compression or stretching because of the roots of the spinal nerves and as a result the distance between the vertebrae to reduce the height. More often such a pain that is felt "on the surface" is a fairly common skin, deep tissue. To that extent increases with sneezing, coughing, load the spine. Such a pain like the classic "back pain", giving as it progresses, the nerve root.

Spinal stenosis

Occurs with disc herniation, protrusion (protrusion) portion of the spinal canal or reducing the appearance loose parts of the disk. Of education one way or the other squeezed under the name "Horsetail" — roots, spinal nerves innervate the lower extremities of the bottom. Applies this stroke of pain during the foot, the nerve root of the spine, visible, and alone, and walking increases the spine and reduced extension, forward inclined.

A private syndrome

Small intervertebral pathology that is invoked (direction) joint. Pain can spread to both local (give) spoon, coccyx, rear thigh. The increases in slope and rotation of the waist.

Such pain syndrome is acute, sometimes ill even say what any effect the day after (something lifted, turned, etc.). The pain intensified and then in the evening after the physical load is reduced resorts. Such pain is often characterized by for the people middle-aged and elderly.

symptoms of pain

Inflammatory pain

Why inflammatory lesions, joints, spine — a different kind of arthritis: rheumatoid, Reiter's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, inflammatory pain etc occurs more frequently in relatively young people, develops slowly. Early in the evening or after physical exertion is reduced and that maximizing the length. It is often accompanied by morning stiffness.

Other possible causes of low back pain — pathology, internal organs, e.g., kidney disease, or inflammation extensions for women. Because many disease may occur in a similar manner, or at least related to pain syndrome, and busy is not good for self-diagnosis and consult a doctor.

Urgent if it is necessary to consult an expert:

  • the pain appeared, and post-traumatic, especially in women age;
  • historically, cancer disease;
  • pain may be accompanied by fever;
  • dropping weight suddenly and without reason;
  • a walk or varies their feet;
  • the difficulty that appears, urination and defecation.

These symptoms can be a sign of serious illnesses that require emergency treatment.

Diagnostic pathology

Eliminate back pain in the lumbar region and the first doctor and a life-threatening situation fortunately, these are quite rare.

General and biochemical blood analysis can detect inflammatory changes increased calcium levels allow you to determine typical metastasis of malignant tumors of bone structures, varying quantities of blood cells, multiple myeloma, and so forth. Analysis assign as men age prostate-specific antigen for prostate cancer, exceptions are possible.

Radiological examination if it finds, change the height, intervertebral disc, osteophytes possible in — growth of bone, the vertebrae in The Shape of the distributed load why is it wrong for a change themselves vertebrae.

Computed tomography and MRI will show bulging intervertebral disc calcification (plot, arthritis, spinal stenosis.

Instead today, these two ultrasound, a similar change is coming slowly to determine which provides the backbone of research does not reveal the patient from excessive radiation load.

Mandatory consultation by a neurologist — chiropractor.

Then a full survey treatment strategy is understandable. With L possible treatment methods is usually a headache, it is relatively rare that illustrates operation.

Drug therapy for back pain L

There's nothing to worry about 95 of the cases the patients — usually for back pain is not a threat to health and can be treatable. Set more quickly to eliminate myofascial syndrome, however, may require several months of persistent radicular pain. Either way, in most cases, and sometimes requires drug therapy. Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) medications to reduce pain and swelling in the hotel intervertebral cartilage. Sometimes prescribed for and hormonal drugs to reduce pain and swelling — they move faster, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, may be as distressing to inject them, and the plasma under the supervision of a doctor.

Drugs, ointments and gels — this method lower back pain treatment popular advertising cylinders. But as a method of introducing the active ingredient of the body, the use of tools that are ineffective in large part because most of the funds it is difficult to predict, and even penetrates.

Another popular method, oral medications, or more simply, pills and capsules. Pills are easy to drink, the effect very quickly — usually a half an hour, but long-term prescription drugs that can affect the gastrointestinal system possible.

Therefore, it is the fastest and most effective way to remove the pain — or the root of direct injection into the affected area Nov, the so-called blockade. Their only drawback — a high skill requirement for the doctor of manipulation.

Non-drug therapy

Drug therapy is usually complemented with drug-free methods. Which you need physiotherapy, the doctor decides. This can be classical massage or manual therapy, and acupuncture treatments as well as Turkey emergency. Kinesitherapy is gaining in popularity and — equipped as a private gym private gym in the decompression, the auxiliary discharge to create tense muscles the new engine, eliminating biases, and therefore cause lower back pain.


So the best option to treat back pain — drug combination and methods for drug-free approach. Such a comprehensive study in various ways allows faster dealing with a disease, or to get rid of the pain completely, to get long lasting effect.