Why back pain

Building Nov-regulated manner, without any contraction in the skeletal system bone Nov bone function nor separate from each other. Therefore, spinal corset back Nov wind with no issues for a long time and have to wait. At first a man feels a different posture and a painful and uncomfortable event. But, of course, we Nov bodice and low back pain weak to describe any physical activity. Different words for the emergence of episodic and chronic pain.

Episodic pain

back pain

Back pain that is called a temporary phenomenon emerged as well as Dec, and then suddenly disappears without a trace. Serious illnesses or injuries that are associated with severe seizures that instant, but the signal about a strong body experiencing discomfort or experienced stress. The signals that you leave your body for a long time without attention, episodic pain can become chronic. Think about what should I pay attention to in this case:

  • Nov extreme load. Long-term episodic and chronic overload of pain go. Easily to watch a gradual deterioration avid gardeners, gardeners, gardeners spend a lot of time, a hunched three deaths. Of course, there are pros in the business earth, it's just important alternative entertainment to distribute a load properly and work with the body. Uncomfortable back pain often begins after the abolition of the "back breaking" weight lifting. Remember, lifting heavy monitors and seating position, therefore, goes to load the main foot. But if you upgrade cargo in a familiar way, a hunched spine and the base gets a load belt problem you don't have to wait for a long time. But I don't think any physical overload, insured back pain. Long-term damage to your monitor or TV screen before a discovery posture of the spine as well as business bed. Therefore, the difference "starting problem" to turn back to their routines exercises for back and review the lifestyle and it's an unpleasant feeling.
  • Sitting, working, in a difficult position the body during sleep and a long journey. All these points why episodic headaches, back pain, aching sensation may be increasingly more aggressive and longer. It should be understood, the wrong body position, resulting in a reduction of the pressure leads to the blood vessels the nutrients to flood the muscles. So remember, every hour back to the gym or to a workout. For those who are plagued with sleep problems to be addressed and to a large extent, this development can lead to degenerative disc disease.
  • Hypothermia. On the street in cold weather prolonged exposure to cold, wind, and can be caused by the operation of air conditioners, dress warmly and stay dry. The results of such a situation becomes, "back pain" back pain or a sharp beginning, it gives a person move freely (low back pain). In such cases, service Healing Ointment dry, heat, and provide a state. It is recommended to get a strong feeling analgesics.
  • Nov sprains, bruises and injuries. Fall and injury can turn into back pain, but prevent the effects of the right treatment. Peace and analgesics cure slight bruises, injury, path loss, disk, and other serious problems that require treatment in a hospital is in a hospital. Serious injury, back pain may have a friend to go hard in the chronic stage.

Chronic pain

Chronic back pain and you can't stop if they witnessed diseases of the spine, or "issues" in the functioning of the internal organs. Self medication is invalid if no medical help correctly identify a person, and hence powerless to execute is the source of these problems is sufficient, effective treatment. The main causes of chronic low back pain may be:

the reason back pain
  • Myalgia. Hypothermia may develop into ordinary chronic inflammation, tissue is called myalgia. Pressure on the nerve endings in inflamed tissue and leads to pain Nov. Treatable no loss of sensitivity leads to myalgia.
  • Osteochondritis. This disease often arises on a background Nov undue burden, a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet. It's an osteochondrosis degenerative lesions, joints, loss of elasticity, the distance between the spine and contraction drive.
  • Intervertebral hernia. This pathology is more common in people over the age of 40 that occurs due to compression of the spine. You just reduced the space between the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and destruction but it happens. This painful condition can be treated successfully, most importantly, timely and perseverance.
  • Spondylolisthesis or bulging vertebral discs. In this case, you cannot cater to a neurologist to do MRI and a manual treatment is necessary.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis of the spine or inflamed ligaments and joints. Most people feels the aching pain. This disease progresses rapidly and spreads to the entire spine.
  • Curvature of the spine. The humpback occurs initially, then scoliosis and kyphosis.

Take good care of yourself because it easier to prevent any disease, the more can be treated.