Throbbing Pain In The Back

Back pain

The most common complaint among people of pain in the spine. On the contrary, all other mammals only one person alive, true that walking significantly increases the load on the spine have back problems.

If back pain is throbbing and often localized spine sections consists of himself is just one of them.

Why discomfort

Influencing factors, corruption is the backbone of all business are known:

  • sedentary a sedentary lifestyle;
  • lack of Exercise;
  • dramatic weight lifting;
  • heavy physical labor.

Also, in effect, hereditary factors and concomitant pathologies, for example, lowers the blood circulation of the spine.

Elastic discs between the vertebrae of the spine represent a group of shock absorber that is located plays a role. Mobility to all sectors of the facet joints and articular cartilage.

Or violate any of the integrity and expressed the sensation of pain why vertebral патологиям different place.

The cause of back pain

The spinal cord and the nerve roots come out of special one, of course, close позвонкам, therefore, violates them is related to unpleasant sensations in large part came.

Often throbbing pain in the spine occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Broken vertebrae.
  2. Osteochondritis.
  3. Spondylosis.
  4. Hernia, spine.
  5. Lumbago.

Such a serious disease easy to distinguish from normal back pain, because in the latter case, only the state transition in question nervous or tense Nov and are pretty fast. In this case, the feeling is extremely powerful and requires serious treatment of the spine, the lesion measures.

Broken spine

In fact, such a term was considered in the medical community. As a concept "crack" means rather incomplete fracture without spinal cord injury.

The spine is designed, therefore, being a mainstay for body, this sufficiently flexible and mobile, therefore, to make various twists and turns of the slope. However, even such an almost perfect mechanism, are highly unstable.

Cracks may occur for the following reasons:

  1. A bad fall or sports performance exercises.
  2. Falling from great heights.
  3. Sharp the squeeze body (e.g., car accident).
Spine cracked

Older people represent a specific risk group for being such damage can occur even when minimum load on the backs of them, their spine is very fragile and replenished trace elements necessary enough.

Every time a person suspect of violating the integrity of the vertebrae. In some cases, the cracks are very small, how to keep them continue to live as you do. However, often such changes immediately know themselves.

Characteristic symptoms a crack in the spine:

  • strong, sharp and a throbbing pain in a place of an injury, a tread распростронять other lands;
  • increased pain, palpation, or changes of body position;
  • edema and hematoma in place education injury;
  • stress, back muscles, tight movements.

As a result of injury if a broken portion of the vertebrae, the spinal cord through the spine or nervous stubble сдавливать itself, in such a case, and sharp pain жгучей and the measures to be taken, emergency hospitalization, to eliminate shared.


This pathology is associated with degenerative changes in intervertebral discs and articular cartilage osteochondritis.

He is thriving, most often older people because of Bad eating tissues, however, recently diagnosis, "younger". First food because of the pain, a disc between the vertebrae loses elasticity, elasticity. That reduced amount, and the result doesn't give сдавливается to realize their main function for adjacent vertebrae. It is not possible for such a thin strip to separate the vertebrae from each other bone, and they interact starts, causes inflammation.


Dystrophic changes, disk why the apology came on the same physical and violated the nerve root.

The effects of other changes in vertebral joints, and ligaments. Bone tissue is lost as a result of growing mobility spinal curve developing kyphosis and scoliosis.

Help! The human body is a load distributed relatively irregular, for example, the heavy bag, which day-to-day wear, one shoulder, spine disease.

Reasons your age not only illness, but also a number of other reasons:

  • spine overload: heavy physical work, being overweight, standing or sitting position constantly the profession;
  • metabolic;
  • body poisoning;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • bodily diseases;
  • hormonal changes.

Divided osteochondritis cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

Symptoms of the disease:
  1. The following symptoms are observed when cervical: neck pain, in the hands them, drowsiness, impaired hearing, headache.
  2. When thoracic appears: nagging back pain, shortness of breath, pain in the heart muscle.
  3. When l felt the pain throbbing lumbar, sacrum, then spreads legs. Manifest disorders of the urinary organs.

Cervical when dying, poor blood circulation, the brain, and as a result, additional symptoms that occur:

  • the pressure drop;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness, spots in front of his eyes and view points;
  • is a sleep disorder.

Throbbing or pain in the lumbar region of the spine and occurs more often остеохондрозе. The reason for this is the spine that put pressure on there 5 biggest all the upper part of the spine. Additionally, more time lifting in this area, cargo, incline, bend.


Spondylosis – a disease that occurs when the edges of the vertebrae growths, bone, abnormal bone growths. In this case, the next phase After the spine degenerative disc disease.

Due to deformation, intervertebral disc, inflammation of the vertebrae the bone tissue thickens and local development. This begins at the end конченом deposited calcium salts formed pseudo-sharp, compresses the nerve roots and the vertebral veins.


The reasons of the disease are more frequent movement:

  • a back injury;
  • old age;
  • chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes);
  • obesity.

The symptoms are similar остеохондрозом itself in the form of pain in the innervated area, the resultant voltage, mobility limitation, or strengthening кифоза лордоза.

Fun fact! Pain still Спондилезом old people. Science-archaeologists found the mummies of pathological changes similar to vertebrate structures residues.

Herniated disc between the vertebrae

The disease usually does not occur sharp. Compression of the disc located between the vertebrae slowly. A partial ring fiber (outer shell) the outside edges of vertebrae. In such a case, only to talk about a disc protrusion.

High or sudden сдавливании, malnutrition tissue fiber of the ring, the explosion, and then the inner part of the disk – pulpous core comes out. In this case, the hernia is diagnosed. Kernel-sensitive nerve endings, and thus causes the burning pain.

L localized hernia the most common. These a person experiences the following symptoms:

  • pain, hip and legs ratio;
  • leg numbness;
  • failure, genitourinary system.

For herniation, cervical characteristic: numbness, hand, pressure drop, dizziness, pain, отдающая shoulder.

For hernia orange (sometimes less) typical chest pain, often perceived as disease in adjacent organs.

Low back pain

There are various reasons lumbago back pain throbbing understood the term. This is an independent disease, but only a manifestation of vertebral negative changes that occur.


Basic back pain and degenerative dystrophic process is the backbone of like lying. Usually, many other conditions such as root – osteochondritis.

In addition, low back pain may occur due to:

  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • spinal injuries and tumors;
  • tuberculosis;
  • congenital dysplasia.

Acute low back pain, lumbar pain and throbbing pain frequently because of the situation.

In such a case, a person significantly inhibited, and get up. While lying in a position that brings relief in the stomach on a hard surface to put it under the roll. Occurs due to acute pain, spasms and tense muscles it's a nice feeling to strengthen Nov.

If задевают to the sciatic nerve roots that occurs for low back pain in which the pain spread, hips and thighs.

Also pain such as back pain during symptoms occur:

  • place the cover in numbness, acute pain, or, on the contrary, feeling tingling and "tremors";
  • heart palpitations;
  • sweating.

The situation can last from a few days to a few hours and sometimes low back pain stops on its own without any intervention.

Throbbing back pain the spine the lesion is almost always a signal. Enough private or change position. At the first sign doctors must refer to pathology at the time of the meeting to establish the correct diagnosis and treatment.